We believe that God's mission for our children is the same as that for the The Vineyard Church, to form world-changing children who are 100% devoted to Jesus, each other, and others in the world. Our VineKidz Zoom Small Groups help build these things into the lives of our children through times of worship, teaching, and small group age-appropriate activities, all while sharing laughs, and fun!

VineKidz VBS 2020:

VineKidz VBS is a Parent-led Vacation Bible School, just follow the lesson plan for each week. Pick a day that works for your own VBS group before Sundays. During your set VBS group time, you can complete each lesson and give out gifts either once a week (following each VBS lesson completion) or all at once.

Please feel free to create a name for your own VBS group, and even make changes to the weekly lesson plans that accommodates your schedule, location, supplies, and skills. You can be as creative as you like for your own Staycation Bible School.

On Sunday mornings (9-9:30am), we'll gather virtually on Zoom to worship, share our VBS groups' experiences, and pray for each other. You can invite your VBS group to join on Sundays, too! Sunday morning gatherings will replace our VineKidz small groups during the week.

We're asking that you invite 5 friends to join your Staycation Bible School. There will be a prize for the Family/Group that completes all 5 weeks with all 5 invited friends. You can decide to meet in person, while social distancing, or virtually.

Finally, in order for your family/group to win the prize, email a screenshot or picture of your VBS group at the end of each week (by Sundays at 9am).  Please put "VBS prize" in the subject line

For more information, please contact Jessica, our VineKidz Team Director and put "for Jessica" in the subject line.

Safety and security

To help ensure a safe & secure environment for all children, all of our VineKidz teachers undergo a background check and agree to our Child Safety Code of Conduct, in addition to regular trainings offered throughout the year.