Life groups are the primary place where we grow in our devotion to each other. We invite everyone to be in a life group and to grow in community as a world changer. Community life groups are places of real community where we worship, discuss the bible or something about the christian life, discover and use our spiritual gifts to bless others, and pray for each other. As we ask our questions, do life with others, support each other, and connect with Jesus, we become more devoted to him and to each other. Community life groups are open to join anytime.

  • Beverly/Morgan Park Life Group

    Meets 1st and 3rd Friday from 6:30-8:00 PM on Zoom

    Beverly/Morgan Park Life Group meets for worship, studying the

    Gospel of John, prayer and fellowship.  

    All are welcome! Please note the long-term goal of this group is to launch a weekend worship service on the south side.


    Location:  Zoom call

    Leader:  Rand Tucker

    For questions or to register, click here.

  • Central Life Group

    Meets every Wednesday from 7:00-8:30 PM on Zoom

    Central Life Group meets for worship, study, prayer and fellowship.  In January we will be looking at what it means to share our lives.  With biblical teaching and real stories of invitation, we will spend January exploring what it means to live out God's call to share our lives and invite people into an honest conversation about the Christian faith.  All are welcome!  Please note the long-term goal of this group will be to launch a weekend worship service in central Chicago.

    Location:  Zoom call

    Leaders:  Derek and Pauline Watts

    For questions or to register, click here.

  • Hope and Healing Life Group

    Meets every other Sunday from 5:00-6:30 PM on Zoom

    Do you believe you can actually change?


    Life change happens at the moment you begin a relationship with Jesus. You have been rescued. But what happens when daily temptations and distractions from following Jesus leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck in the same discouraging patterns?


    During this session, the Hope and Healing Life Group will explore “The Power to Change.”  Through bible passages, prayer, discussions and journaling, our group will:

    • Explore how the Gospel helps us to live differently

    • Seek to understand the work of the Holy Spirit in your life

    • Explore the process of sanctification in your journey to change


    There is no checklist to follow, but there is a daily act of surrender to a God who will continue to mold and shape you. The more you know God, the more you can live like him.


    Change is possible because the Gospel changes everything. Let’s discover what it looks like to work out our salvation. 

    Location: Zoom call

    Leaders: Troy Norman, Dave Kanis, Danita Crawford

    For questions or to register, click here.

  • Men's Life Group: Kingdom Warriors Arising

    Meets 2nd and 4th Saturdays, 8:00-9:30 AM on Zoom

    Come and be challenged and encouraged to live out your faith in community.  Worship, study, and prayer.  Darryl Reynolds will be leading a series from the book "The Fatherhood Principle" by Myles Munroe.  


    Location:  Zoom call

    Leader: Chris LeMay

    For questions or to register, click here.

  • Sinclair Life Group

    Meets every Tuesday from 1:00-2:00 PM on Zoom

    Worship, prayer, Bible study and fellowship.

    Location:  Zoom call

    Leader:  Iris Sinclair

    For questions or to register, contact Iris Sinclair (773)363-9087.

  • Women's Life Group: 

    Kingdom Women with a Kingdom Agenda

    Meets 1st and 3rd Saturdays, 10:30 AM – 12 PM on Zoom

    Connecting, Teaching and Encouraging!

    Let’s discover together that through living life as a kingdom woman and advancing Christ’s purposes, we will be able to maximize not only our own life, but others’ lives around us as well. Click HERE to hear more from Khummina about this group.

    Location:  Zoom call

    Leader:  Khummina Pumphrey

    For questions or to register, click here

  • Young Adult Life Group

    Meets every Saturday, on Zoom (7:00-9:00 PM) or occasionally in-person outdoor (times vary).  Every first Saturday of the month, we take a break and hang out or play games

    This life group welcomes all young adults (ages 18 to 35) to experience life and growth together.  We gather for worship, study, praying for each other, food and games!

    The Young Adults Life Group will be exploring the stories of different people in the Bible which group members select and present.

    Location: Varies between Zoom calls and in-person outdoors

    Leader:  Judith Razafindrakoto

    For questions or to register, click here.