Uplift (High school)

Our goal at UpLift is to foster an atmosphere where teens from 9th through 12th grade can come and be welcomed, cared for, and uplifted as we learn more about Jesus and become world-changers who are 100% devoted to Jesus. In the process we have a ton of fun together during our monthly social events and weekly Sunday meetings, where we play games (which range from solving a mystery by gathering clues and evidence to competing in a game of slam ball), have snacks, and hang out. During each meeting we spend time discussing God, faith, and the real-life issues that teens face every day, from navigating relationships to studying for exams. At the close of every meeting we take time to pray for each other.

UpLift meets Sunday mornings during the 11 AM service in the Skyline Room, on the first floor of our church. Dress is casual, so jeans are cool. We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, contact Isaac.

Interested in volunteering with UpLift? Click HERE to learn more.